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Honey Lip Balm

Honey Lip Balm


Hello friend, the lip balm of your dreams is here.

This is where it all started. With dry lips being a problem, we looked at the wonderful properties of the honey and beeswax, and made our first lip balm, that was five years ago. Next thing we knew, everyone in the family had one, then our friends, then their friends and now it’s stocking independent shops nationwide waiting to sort your lips.

We’ve grown a little since then too.

Naturally preserved.

15g aluminium tin.


Our Tiny Bees Honey – Acts as a natural moisture retainer.
Our Tiny Bees Beeswax – Forms a protective layer on the skin.
Almond oil – Rich in vitamins A, E and D, and also contains linoleic and oleic acids.

That’s it! – No paraffin, whale blubber, fragrance or flavourings.



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