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Wonders of the Peak


Wonders of the Peak

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Wonders of the Peak Then and Now

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Ever since the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were first recorded over two thousand years ago, listings have been popular with the public. One of the first local attempts was made by thomas Hobbes, the famous philosopher and tutor to the Cavendish children at Chatsworth, in his De Mirabilibus Pecci: Concerning the Wonders of the Peak District in Darby-shire published in 1636.

But what would be the modern seven Wonders of the Peak? To that original group of mostly natural features, the modern visitor would probably want to add the high point of Kinder Scout and its spectacular 100 foot Dwonfall, and maybe the huge landslip of Alport Castles on the southern slopes of Bleaklow, both rarely visited four centuries ago. And what about the Peak’s man made wonders and its wildlife wonders?

This beautiful book, illustrated by modern photography and many previously unseen 19th century engravings, explores the phenomenon of Wonders, the original Seven Wonders, and suggests what might be considered as wonders worth visiting today, including descriptions of natural, man made and wildlife wonders.

96 pages

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