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Eco Menstrual Pad – various designs

Eco Menstrual Pad – various designs




This reusable eco menstrual pad is made with 100% sustainable and earth friendly material.

-Salvaged (but never used) cotton

-A mix of bamboo terry and brushed cotton core

-Organic cotton waterproof backing finished with a secure press stud to keep them in place

Pads can be washed in a machine as long as fabric conditioner isn’t used. Soaking prior to machine washing is advised and using natural stain remover to keep your pads looking good. They are constructed to be sturdy and with good care they will last you for many years.

Suitable for regular flow with pad been changed every 4-8 hours. Measures 22 x 8.5cm when fastened.

As each is handmade from salvaged cotton, the print on the pad you receive will be the same as in the photos, but the placement of the pattern varies.

Please note – you will receive one pad

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Clouds, Green leaf, Neutral rainbow, Sushi, Watermelon

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