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De-Tea-Ox Tub

De-Tea-Ox Tub


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This caffeine free infusion is perfect to drink at any time of the day, 1st thing on a morning to help stimulate the digestive system, after a meal to aid digestion or before bed to help cleanse the system overnight. It helps remove toxins from the whole body through the lymphatic system, liver and kidneys.  Your lymphatic system acts like a giant drainage system for the body, and if it gets clogged, just like your drains at home it cant remove waste properly through the liver and kidneys which can lead to toxin build up, weakened immunity and other health issues. It is a gentle tea that doesnt have a laxative effect, just naturally helps to clean your system from the inside out.

50g. Makes 20 cups.


Dandelion Leaf – activates the digestive system and is used as a herbal remedy for water retention

Dandelion Root – a powerful detoxifier, which helps to remove waste and toxins that collect in your body and cools and cleans the liver

Ginger – stimulates digestion and metabolism

Cleavers – a lymph cleanser, vital for immunity and can also help prevent infections and diseases

Marigold Petals – relieves congestion in the lymph system and glands, improves circulation and detoxifies the body

Red Clover – used as a health tonic and to treat skin conditions

Sarsaparilla – blood and body cleansing, it is considered one of best cleansing herbs for the body. It contains Saponins, which can help deep clean the body

Coriander Seeds – can help to fight unhealthy bacteria in the liver

Burdock Root – a blood cleanser, and can also help stabilise and cleanse the glands, fight bacteria in the intestine, and generally supports healthy intestinal flora with vital nutrients

Liquorice Root – used medicinally for thousands of years to tone the spleen and detoxify the body


Tasting notes

Warming, spicy and slightly sweet

Warning: Contains Liquorice, avoid if you have hypertension, heart problems, thyroid problems, or kidney disorders

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