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Activi-Tea Tub

Activi-Tea Tub


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A perfect pick me up for 1st thing in the morning, to beat that mid afternoon slump or just before the gym. This tea can help to naturally increase your metabolism, clear your mind and give you a sustained energy boost without the jitters.

40g. Makes 20 cups.


Green Tea – helps to boost energy and endurance levels as well as improving brain function and focus.

Yerba Mate – is a physical and mental energy tonic, by helping to fight fatigue, improve memory, concentration and boost metabolism

Nettle – an energy builder as it is high in vitamins, minerals and iron as well as serotonin for healthy brain function and can help to regulate moods

Ginseng – has been used for centuries to brighten vision, increase mental ability and provide a youthful feeling

Ginkgo – regularly drinking ginkgo tea is said to keep you at peak fitness, is an ideal tea to counteract the effects of a sedentary work day and keep you youthful as you age

Oat Straw – a full body tonic to build energy and used routinely can help fight exhaustion and fatigue

Fennel – used by Greek marathon runners for strength, vigour and leanness

Peppermint – helps to ease inner tension and boost energy

Liquorice Root – an adrenal stimulant, weak adrenal glands are associated with constant fatigue, depression and irritability, muscle weakness and lack of concentration

Tasting notes

Minty and sweet, with slight herbal and grassy note

Warning: Contains Liquorice, avoid if you have hypertension, heart problems, thyroid problems, or kidney disorders

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